Vegan Friendly End of Financial Year Donations

It’s coming to that time of year when marketers love an abbreviation and start to talk EOFY – that’s End Of Financial Year for those playing at home. While tax time tends to make me break out into a cold sweat, I thought I’d put a positive spin on the topic this year and list our favourite animal rescue charities if you’re got some spare cashola up your sleeve.


Now, I know more than anyone that the purse strings are tight, so if you can’t spare any change that’s totally understandable. The good thing about the below charities is that they’re all registered charities so any donations over $2 you can claim back from ScoMo and his pals straight away. Don’t forget to add it to your tax return!


Alright, here our our favourite animal charities doing amazing work that we think deserve some help.

Edgars Mission

Pam Ahead established this household name over 16 years ago as a young girl with a passion to save animals, and a Pig called Edgar. Fast forward and she’s now rescued over 450 animals that are now homed on 153 acres of peaceful land in rural Victoria. Around 500 million animals are excused from animal welfare laws in Australia, instead, they are classified as ‘food’ or ‘production’ animals. Living a life of misery and cruelty, Pam and the Edgar’s Mission team have a statement to live by, and that’s… “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

Donate to Edgar’s Mission at:

Photo Credit: Edgar's Mission

Lambcare Australia

Did you know over 15 Million lambs die each year within their first 48 hours of life? They often die due to the cold or being abandoned by their mother as they simply can’t look after the number of lambs that they’re made to breed. Lambcare help provide support, warmth and much-needed love for these abandoned animals during a time of need. Plus, they wear the cutest coats, which of course, are funded by the public’s generous donations.

Donate to Lamcare at:

Photo Credit: Lambcare Australia

Cheltenham Cat Rescue

People who say they don’t like cats just haven’t met their cat. The team at Cheltenham Cat Rescue help rehabilitate and rehome cats around Melbourne. They work with other rescue groups, local councils and pounds to help cats and kittens in need. They’re staffed only by volunteers and rely on the generous donations from the public to help out their furry friends. They believe all cats deserve a home, regardless of their age or condition, and want to educate the community about responsible pet ownership and the prevention of cat euthanisation in Australia.

Donate to Cheltenham Cat Rescue at:

Photo Credit: Cheltenham Cat Rescue

Orangutan Foundation International

Fun fact, Dan first started thinking about going vegetarian and vegan after a trip to Borneo in 2015 that raised much-needed funds for the Orangutan population. Not so fun fact, there are now only 70,000 left in the wild. Soon, the majestic animals will only be able to be seen in zoos, which simply breaks our heart. The Borneo Orangutan is in a unique ecosystem that is being threatened by deforestation to the equivalent of 300 football fields each hour, mainly due to the demand for Palm Oil which is a cheap alternative and can be used across all number of products such as cleaning, food and health & beauty items. Started by Dr. Birute Galdikas, their work is focused on restoring the rainforest to provide a healthy space for Orangutans to live and play in their natural environment, and for the public to appreciates, respects and cares for the Orangutans as the significant creatures they are.

Donate to Orangutan Foundation International at:


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Act on Climate

We all know that factory farming and the animal agriculture industry are the leading contributors to climate change, and we need to place pressure on those in charge to make changes. The Act on Climate team are made up of young and old, city and rural folk but all have one thing in common – a passion for making clean energy the way of the future. Their work takes them from the steps of Parliament in Melbourne to the wind farms of rural Victoria. The Act on Climate team sits under the Friends of the Earth family.

Donate to Act on Climate at:

Photo Credit: Act on Climate