Mornington Peninsula Vegan Food Tour

Summer may be winding up but that doesn’t mean we have to turn our backs on the beach!

Join us on Saturday March 16th as we head down to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula for our very first day trip tour!

There’s lots to look forward to on the day so make sure you pack your appetite and sense of adventure!

We’ll be visiting a number of 100% vegan cafes on the coast, including Conscious Cravings Co., Wombat Cafe and Soulful Vegan Food. With a focus on fresh, local produce and tasty veganised meals, well, our mouth is watering already just thinking about it. Think speciality coffee and breakfast boards, giant salad bowls and plates, and incredible shakes and smoothies.

We’ll also swing by The Vegan Dairy for tastings of their artisan cashew nut cheese. Their range includes dairy-free Persian feta, chèvre, butter, yoghurt and fruit cheese. The opportunities are endless and you’ll never have to miss out on a cheese platter ever again!

Joining us at The Vegan Dairy will be The Good Seed Kefir. To make sure all our tummy bacteria is nice and healthy, The Good Seed will be providing samples of their best selling kefir. What is Kefir, we hear you ask? Head to their website where the experts can fill you in.

And of course, it wouldn’t a trip to the Peninsula area without taking in a winery! Trofeo Estate’s wine is all certified vegan and certified delicious! Alcohol can be tricky to find vegan so this will open your eyes to a whole new experience of fine, local wine.

Each guest will walk away with a goodie bag full of resources to help them with their vegan journey, special offers from each business we will be visiting, as well as some surprises from local businesses like Be Better Balms and Moral Fibre Oz.

Tickets are $179 with ALL food and drink included for the day! Spots are limited to 10 people on the tour so get in quick!

Bookings can be made at