Getting to know your tour guide: Dan

Here at Melbourne Vegan Tours, we’re all about telling you all about us so we can learn more about you. Think of us an open book.

In this series of meeting your tour guides, you’ll get to learn a little more about us and our staff. Hope we get to meet you on a tour soon!

WHO: Dan

TITLE: Co-Founder and Tour Guide

How long have you been vegan:

Since February 2016

Why you went vegan:

At first I was impacted by the knowledge of the effect that the meat & dairy industry have on the environment. The future of my life, those around me and future generations played a large influence on the decision. As did my own health, I’d tipped over the other side of 30 and began to see health issues in my family begin to pop up, and I didn’t want to go down the path that I’ve seen many friends and family go. As I’ve become more educated though, the treatment and behaviour towards animals has become my main motivation to drive the vegan message and be proud of what I’m doing.

Favourite food:

Falafels with Hommus. Hands down. It’s Falafels and then daylight between that and my next favourite.

Favourite animal:

The Orangutan. I’ve grown up with affection towards great apes and in 2015 I travelled to Borneo to help the plight of endangered species in Indonesian Borneo. It was amazing to see the habitat, the work that the WWF are doing on the ground and meet the tribes that are trying to save the last generation of Orangutans.

Best thing about being a tour guide:

Meeting new people that are Vegan or not Vegan and educating them about each suburb, the history of the city and the background of each individual business. I love seeing people connect more with their food with the knowledge of the reasons where and why it’s come from

Favourite place to eat out at in Melbourne:

It changes regularly, but right now I can’t go past the flavours that Tahina put in their food. Simple food, done extremely well. A notable mention to One for the Crow that would be my favourite if I lived closer to it.

Favourite place in Melbourne:

The State Library, Victoria. So much history in one spot.

Favourite quote:

I love Edgar’s Misson quote that I think I always come back to when I think about why I went Vegan “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

Favourite vegetable:

The humble potato. Underrated in my opinion.

Who’s a person who inspires you:

I don’t necessarily have one individual person because I connect with different parts of different people. So I’d just say Vegans around the world that choose to push their message in whatever way works for them. I think as long as you feel proud about what you’re doing and that you’re making an impact, then they’re the ones that inspire me to keep going. I see so many people from around the world across social media, in the news, at events and they all play their own little role in inspiring me.

Worst cooking fail:

I tried to make meringues from Aquafaba once. I whipped them up with some sugar, made them nice and fluffy and spread them on a tray in the oven. 5 minutes later, gone! Nothing. Just syrupy liquid left. I’ve never been so disappointed but amused in my life.

Best thing about being vegan:

Knowing that choices you make every day have a broad impact on others, the planet, your health and the health of others. That helps me sleep well at night.

This is Dan. You'll meet him on our Fitzroy or CBD Tours.

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